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Year Reflection

There were many different things about this school year that was different than others. There were challenges and also highlights. Lets start with me joining a different class. When I first learned that Mr.Lee was our teacher, my first thought was that he cannot be trusted. Even though the end of the school year is here, I still do not trust Mr.Lee.

Homework, the biggest challenge. There were more homework this year than any other year combined! We had tons of projects. In the end we don’t event get report cards. Grr…I’m not a happy Coco, sorry, person.

Now that the gloom and doom is over, the highlights! One big highlight was E.O.E.C. There were night hikes and delicious food. There was also this game called wolf prowl. There are carnivores, herbivores and diseases. It was a really awesome game.

One more highlight, COCO!!! The little angel, Coco is a black Russian Dwarf Hamster. He is our class pet and super adorable. And since I love ANIMALS, it’s no surprise that I love COCO.

Those were the many highlights and challenges this year. This year will hopefully end on a happy note, until then I’ll cross my fingers and try not to think of a non happy ending.

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S.S. Project map

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Social Studies project


My social studies project will be on the explorer Henry Hudson. He is an interesting figure in the history of European explorers. No ones knows exactly how his story ended. That, will probably remain forever a mystery towards us. Now I will tell you more a bout Henry Hudson.

Henry Hudson was born in England 1565. His ambition was to find a water route to Asia. By the end of his story, he had made four journeys.

An English firm sponsored Hudson to find the best northern water route to Asia. On this trip, Hudson brought his son John along with Robert Juet. Even though they left at Spring, there was still snowstorms and hail and other icy disasters. But there was also some good news, Henry Hudson wrote that there were lots of whales in that area which opened up a door to further whale hunting.

Next year Hudson once again started a sea voyage to look for a passage. But once again his hopes were flattened. Close to the end of the journey he found that there was a huge block of ice in his way.

On his third journey, ice once again stopped him. But this time he did not head for home. Hudson decided to sail west to look for a passage there. Some historians say that he had heard of a way to the Pacific Ocean from an English explorer named John Smith.

The last journey proved to be the most enigmatic. This time a dead end stopped him. The supplies were very low and their conditions were harsh. The crew had to spend an entire winter there. But when the weather was better, Hudson refused to go back home. Shortly after they set sail again, there was a mutiny aboard. Most of his crew could stand no longer, and cast Hudson and a few crew members out

That was my social studies presentation, thank you for listening.


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Social Studies project pictures

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How many posts did you write?

I wrote over thirty posts.

How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

About ten or over.

How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

Two comments.

Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

They are all only one comment.

Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

I enjoyed writing about the Greek myths. I enjoy them and it was one of the only things allowed where we could choose our topic.


Reading response

If there were no protagonist, only antagonist, what would happen?

Not much would change. Other than that there would be no battle between Victoria and Edward’s family. If Bella was never there, nothing would have been out of the ordinary. No James to kill, no Victoria to battle. There would have been no point to the story. That is what would happen.

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blog challenge

Create a map for your journey.

What will you need to pack? Remember weight limits when flying.

Probably clothes, a guide, toothbrush, tooth paste. They are all necessary items when packing.

How will you travel?

It depends on where you are going. If you are going to Greece, take a plane, Cuba, at least take a boat some time in the journey.

Where will you stay?

If you are travelling to a country where you have relatives, stay with them. Foreign country, a hotel.

Create budget for part of your journey.

Money you have: 2,000

What is the money for: entertainment, food, hotel, local transportation, plane tickets


air tickets:$500

hotel: $1,000 (10 days)

local transportation:$100


2,000-1,900=100 surplus

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Reading responses

What would happen if you replaced  Mr.Lee with the antagonist?Explain your answer.

If Mr.Lee was the antagonist, not much would have changed. Only the fact that he might not be as evil as Victoria, since vampires do not usually travel in groups. He probably will be a little more careful about his moves. The attack probably would be a little later on. That is what I think would happen.

If you could change the setting to an animal’s habitat, what would it be and why.

I would change it to a nice little wood. Where hidden enemies might jump on you any seconds. It seems more mysterious that way. And the story would be more interesting. That is why I would change the setting to the woods.

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blog challenge

What have you enjoyed about commenting? What is annoying about comment. How have you found interesting posts to comment on?

You get to see other people’s style and read their posts. Sometimes their posts are all the same and there are nothing really new new. Also when other people comment, the comments are sometimes really boring and useless. I usually just look at the titles and base it on the first few sentences I read. Or on what I already know about the writer.

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Bones and digestive system websites


digestive system

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